SPF Rabbits

RSI has produced our SPF Pasteurella-free rabbits at our North Carolina campus since 1986.  We supply many of the leading Contract Research Organizations, commercial entities and academic clients in the US.  We are now adding a new offering for those clients who wish to use a rabbit with the highest health status possible.  The “Premier SPF Rabbit” is free of Pasteurella, Bordetella and Coccidia.  RSI has finalized an operational agreement with the Oakwood Research Facility to produce these animals.  Oakwood has a long history of producing high health status rabbits for two of the largest Laboratory Animal Model providers in the US.  RSI will be the sole point of contact for all ordering, customer service and transportation for all four of our rabbit models. 

Benefits of Utilizing RSI SPF Rabbits

All our rabbits are produced in the US – If your current rabbit vendor has moved all their rabbit production outside the US is your supply chain secure?  What will happen in the event of international trade restrictions or other events affecting transportation?  If rabbits are a critical input for your research needs we can help you secure your supply chain.

Redundant Rabbit Production Facilities – RSI can now supply rabbits from either production site to meet your needs. Our site in North Carolina has a normal census of 11,000 and the site in Michigan has an inventory of approximately 3,000.  We maintain an excellent inventory of skeletally mature rabbits in both locations.

Best Value in the Industry – RSI can meet your high volume rabbit requirements utilizing our standard SPF rabbits at a cost savings of 25-50% compared to other vendors.  If your research requires the very highest health status our Premier SPF Rabbit is offered at a minimum savings of $50 per animal.  RSI can meet all your needs at significant savings to your organization.