Sheep, Goats, & Cattle

RSI GoatsQ-Fever Negative Sheep
RSI Livestock Company works with three flocks of sheep that include Dorset, Finn, and Suffolk breeds. We also acquire other breeds on an as requested basis for our clients. RSI has a network of sheep producers all over the US we can utilize to meet socialized requests.

RSI Goats


Q-Fever Negative Goats
We supply Boer and Boer-cross goats as well as other breeds to meet your specific needs. Our goats are used in many areas of research including surgery, antibody production, and orthopedics.


RSI Cattle

Pre-Conditioned Cattle
Our primary cattle breed is the Holstein. All our cattle are produced on a dairy owned and managed by a large animal veterinarian. A complete health history including all vaccinations is provided with each calf. Bulls, steers, and heifers are available.